muhammad ihsan

Someone who wants everything.

I'm just a kid from the village, I can't get everything I want, for example just a phone, I bought it myself because I don't want to bother my parents. Now I'm 19 y.o, I actually want to go to college, my job is just to help keeping the store, taking care of the store is not as easy as you think, especially when I'm playing online games and someone calls, it's crazy how angry I am at the buyer, but luckily I'm a patient person so I won't do anything, I really like watching YouTube because YouTube is more than TV (LoL), besides that I also like seeing memes and shitpost on Facebook, plus I also like watching anime, but I wonder when I just like watching anime is just called weebs. For me life is only temporary, nothing lasts forever, just be grateful for what is there and don't have to complain about the situation. Maybe this is enough for an introduction from me, peace.